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The King of Trumps

The Saga of Donald

The King of Trumps There was once a pretender named Trump, He was both sly AND as dumb as a stump. Most people believed he could NEVER succeed! But he’s POTUS now, so who is the chump? Sure he’s both liar and creep! Other magnates were NE’ER so cheap But he pulled wool over eyes …

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Eeny Meeny: Proof that the Gods MUST be Crazy at home on Authonomy!

Eeny Meeny: Proof the the Gods MUST be Crazy

Many of my readers will already be aware that I have already published a cookbook, The Un-Cookbook: The Art of Cooking without Recipes, that is available in both hardback and softcover through booksellers and online as well as through the Kindle bookstore. N.B. Don’t forget that this makes a GREAT gift for Christmas or for …

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