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The Agnostic’s Creed

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo,

Umpteen Deities in a row,

Pick one, pray, and then you’ll know

If He’s the one to smite your foe!

Well, it took much less time than my first publishing attempt, but now Eeny Meeny is available for sale through a multitude of sales channels in either paperback or e-book editions.

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You can also order the book from your local bookseller and even ask your library to get a copy in.

Title: Eeny Meeny: Proof that the Gods MUST be Crazy

Author: Roy Wallace

ISBN-13: 978-1481072816

ISBN-10: 1481072811

Published by Wallace Business Group Inc.



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Ottawa Authors and Artisans Fair 2012

Ottawa Authors and Artisans Fair

I hope you won’t judge the quality of my writing by that of my photography. Unfortunately, my BB cellphone is showing its age and just is not up to the task of indoor shooting in low light. However, these shots, poor as they are will give you a taste of the Ottawa Authors and Artisans Fair that took place this past Sunday at the Jack Purcell Community Centre off Elgin Street.
Jack Purcell Community Centre
Unfortunately, the weather did not really cooperate and I entered the building during the tail-end of a nasty bout of freezing rain and wondered how this might have affected the turn-out. It seems that Ottawans in general and perhaps the literary crowd in particular, are a hardy bunch indeed because the place was a hive of activity!

Although I joined the Ottawa Independent Writers Group some months ago and have followed its Ottawa Meetup and Facebook pages with some regularity, this is the first event that I actually attended, having been too busy putting the finishing touches to my most recent publication: Eeny Meeny – Proof that the Gods MUST be Crazy.

Ottawa Authors and Artisans Fair

The first thing that struck me about this gathering was the sheer breadth and depth of the talent pool here. Almost every imaginable genre was represented from autobiography, local history and travel on the non-fiction side, to sci-fi, fantasy, detective, thriller, erotica and exotica and children’s book in fiction. If you could not find something to tickle your fancy here, you must be dead from the neck-up!

The second most noticeable facet of the meetup was the outgoing nature of almost all the exhibitors who were willing and eager to discuss the details of their work in a low-key non-threatening manner. Once they learned that you were a writer yourself, they were usually more than ready to share any hints and tips they deemed might be useful.

Deux Voiliers Publishing

All in all, this was a pleasant and informative experience and I will endeavour to become more involved with this group in future and will definitely be an exhibitor next year.

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Eeny Meeny: Proof that the Gods MUST be Crazy at home on Authonomy!

Many of my readers will already be aware that I have already published a cookbook, The Un-Cookbook: The Art of Cooking without Recipes, that is available in both hardback and softcover through booksellers and online as well as through the Kindle bookstore. N.B. Don’t forget that this makes a GREAT gift for Christmas or for any other time for that matter! (shameless plug 🙂 )

To quote Monty Python: “And now for something completely different!”

Eeny Meeny: Proof the the Gods MUST be Crazy

I am in the process of finalizing my second foray into the publishing world with the introduction of my newest work: Eeny Meeny: Proof that the Gods MUST be Crazy

This work is a witty, lighthearted and sometimes irreverent look at world religions, their foibles, idiosyncrasies and pitfalls through the eyes of a self-confessed and perhaps reluctant agnostic.

Here is a brief synopsis of the book:

After years of deep thought and consideration, I would wager that if God does indeed exist, He (She or It) must surely have a devilish sense of humor! The only thing that seems reasonable, for my part, other than total random chance, is that God was suffering from ennui and required some new distraction for a few thousand years! And thus, He established the game of ‘humanity’. Inside this work, through use of both comedy and rationality, you will be called upon to perhaps rethink your relationship to your God (or Gods) and learn why, if one tries to use reasoning and commonsense, most religious doctrine starts to topple like a house built on sans. If you are among those not sure enough of their own beliefs to risk shining the spotlight upon them, you should probably NOT go any further . If, on the other hand, you are ready to have an open mind, you may find some new questions to your answers! This work is a sometimes serious, but more often humorous collection of my personal musings, experiences and deductions on the subject of religion. I hope that you accept it in the lighthearted manner that it was conceived and written..


Although not quite ready for publication, I have uploaded a significant portion of the text to my new favourite site: The entire book should be ready for publishing within the next couple of weeks (just in time for Christmas?!). In the meantime, you can whet your whistle and read the first few chapters by clicking on the book image!

Update: As of Dec. 2nd, Eeny Meeny is now available for sale on both Kindle as an eBook and through CreateSpace as a trade paperback:

Kindle Version is available until Jan 1st 2013 for just $3.99 after which the price will be $5.99 (Still a bargain!)

Paperback Version is just $9.95 until Jan 1st 2013 after which it will be $12.95 (Still less than 10 cents a page!)

Watch this page for details about Amazon and Bookseller availability!


Travel Photo Journal: Wittdün auf Amrum, Germany

I first visited Amrum in 1972 as a teenaged student and was immediately captivated by its unique nature. Since I was there working for the summer in the youth hostel, I got to know the island and its idiosyncrasies very well.

I have since revisited a couple of times, most recently in 2003 when these pictures were taken. Most of the island is made up of sand dunes, which are officially protected, since erosion is a serious problem. In the winter, this is a pretty desolate place since tourism is the island’s main source of business and only a few hardy locals live here year-round. Wittdün, in the south is the main settlement but there are two other small villages, Nebel, somewhat in the centre, and Nordorf, as its name suggests, on the northern tip towards Westerland.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend a visit


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POTD: Winter is coming to Ottawa, Canada

Winter is coming to Ottawa, Canada. Whether we like it or not, we might as well get used to it and find the beauty in it!

The shot above shows that you can find beauty in the most amazing places if you keep your eyes open! This picture was taken with my (now long lost) Nokia N8 Cellphone.

This reminds me of a ditty that I learned as a child:

Whether the weather be fine,

Or whether the weather be not!

We will weather the weather,

Whatever the weather,

Whether we like it or not…..

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Photo of the Day: Arrival at Dusk

This photograph was taken with my very first SLR camera, an East German built Praktica in 1974. I no longer have the original print so this comes from a scanned negative.

Somehow the poor quality of reproduction adds to the haunting nature of this shot. The colours are almost certainly bear little relationship to what I actually saw through the viewfinder back then but still seem to work pretty well!


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Panasonic Digital Cameras Are for Everybody

Panasonic is definitely publicly identified for outstanding development, also as powerful cameras. Usually essentially the most best-selling Panasonic digital cameras could be the Lumix set. These kinds of digital cameras will likely be smaller in size and basic to work with. They have been nicely received within the digital community and by men and women because of their greatest internals and outstanding image high quality and clarity.

Although the standard specs tend to be comparable for virtually all of these kinds of electronic cameras, each one camera product might differ considerably in the number of mega-pixels, LCD high quality, touch screen capability, lens high quality, zoom possible, and stabilization characteristics. As you might be deciding upon a Panasonic digital camera, often be confident to compare and differentiate those capabilities that are most desired.

The Lumix line of Panasonic digital cameras incorporates numerous entirely various characteristics and designs. The compact style is accepted with people who like the simplicity of slipping the camera inside a pocket, briefcase, or even handbag with out having to obtain worried about damaging the surface. They come in sleek and attractive designs with a retractable or sliding cover to shield the automatic focus lens. These lightweight cameras are provided in a number of fashion colors such as red, turquoise, dark blue, orange, green, pink, black, yellow, silver, and much more.

The product Lumix digital cameras feature interchangeable lenses to deliver men and women more control over the image taking process. These are produced pertaining to the more expertise owners or for men and girls who take pleasure in photography. These Panasonic digital cameras make it effortless for the individual to create sophisticated improvements within shutter speed, exposure levels, white balance, and much more so that you can catch the prime picture.

The Panasonic digital cameras provide you with the most up-to-date technologies and cutting edge functionality. Aside from offering high mega-pixel resolution, these cameras possess improved zooming for both optical and broad angles. GPS functionality is also available in the marketplace to label photos anytime journeying. The stabilizers are leading-edge to assist you to the individual develop crystal clear photos. In improvement, the built-in flash product gives a fantastic a lot of techniques depending on the light quality and surroundings.

Other valuable substantial benefits contain the particular capability to establish several image effects right on the camera. Everyone could surely take photos with frequent colors, black and white, clear colors, or sepia. This lets the buyer to compose enjoyment customized pictures for a lot of utilizes.

Panasonic really does very a bit investigate to have the ability to generally enhance their digital cameras as well as other items. They tune in to suggestions to make advancements and incorporate elements which are helpful to everyday people. For illustration, the new Panasonic digital cameras now include a lengthier battery life. The a good deal more recent models also incorporate an excellent texture and grasp to create it even quicker to grasp on safely and securely. In addition, the camera stability consists of turn out to be significantly greater since well as the number of mega-pixels.

Due to the truth the top quality and strength of these varieties of cameras are so far superior; Panasonic delivers a warranty covering several aspects of craftsmanship on the camera. Be specific to read the info. In actuality, a recent anal

The Panasonic digital cameras include the most recent technology and cutting edge functions. Besides boasting high megapixel resolution, these cameras have advanced zooming for both optical and wide angles. GPS functionality is also offered to label photos when traveling. The stabilizers are superior to help the user create clear images. In addition, the built-in flash program delivers a lot of alternatives depending on the light quality and surroundings.




Live in Harmony with your remote: Logitech 650 Review

[ad#Logitech Harmony 650]Over recent years, I have experimented with various brands of multifunction remote controls to handle our home theatre and flatscreen PVR setup. Only the Logitech Harmony 650 has really met the challenge.

Our system setup is not that different than most, although we may have some slightly unusual components: Bell ExpressVu 9200 PVR, NAD L73 Home Theatre System, RCA 5 Disc DVD player and LG 42LG55 Flatscreen/monitor. We also have an MVIX MX 760HD multimedia player but I do not expect many multifunction remotes to handle this one unless they have a learning feature. Until recently, the remote which came with our NAD Amplifier/DVD Player, the HTR L73, worked with all components because it is able to learn (not always 100% correctly) from other system remotes. However, all of a sudden, the remote developed a mind of its own and would only respond when it felt like it and seemed to block out certain functions with regularity. A replacement unit is almost $100 and I was not inclined to fork over this kind of money.

On a recent trip to France, I came across the Logitech Harmony 700 remote control (at my daughter and son-in-law’s home). It seemed easy to set up and use but I gave it no further thought until I saw a Logitech Harmony 650 for sale at a good price. The only difference between the two models is that the 650 controls up to five devices where the 700 can control 6. Since I was only intending to hook up 4 devices, the 650 seemed more than sufficient for my needs.

Set-up and installation
One of the great things about the Logitech Harmony remote controls is that you can check their compatibility with all your system components online before you purchase a particular model. I was therefore able to verify ahead of time that all my devices were compatible. Complete setup of the device also takes place online after downloading a piece of software from the Logitech site onto your computer. The process went smoothly and quickly and after just a few minutes, the Harmony 650 was fully programmed for my devices.

Everyday use
A good test of the utility and ease of use of any electronic equipment is whether Dorothy, my wife, is able to easily master its use. We have been using the Harmony 650 for almost a month now and although she has not used many of the functions, she is able to control the pvr and television without problems. The LCD is a great help since it always indicates which device is currently being controlled.

PROS: Easy to set up and use. Has an extremely large on-line database of supported devices. You can easily switch to support new or upgraded components
CONS: Relatively expensive
[ad#Amazon remotes 600×520]
Overall, I can heartily recommend the Logitech Harmony series of remote controls and especially the 650 and 700 both of which I have personally used. You can use the following link to see the best selection of Logitech Remotes at discounted prices

What’s in a name? More than I really thought!

How many ways can you say old?

I recently found out that I was going to be a grandfather for the first time. This was, and is still, a great piece of news. With our daughter, Christa at 30 years of age and our son, Ian, at 28, we were certainly ready for the news. Nevertheless, it marks the symbolic transition from middle-age to being something else – old….

Now don’t get me wrong! I don’t harbour any illusions of still being a young man. On the other hand, at 58, I am not yet ready to lay down and play dead. In fact, I feel as if I am in better shape and health than I have been at any other time of my life. I don’t feel old and I don’t want my subconscious to succumb to all the subliminal messages and labels that abound in our society. Mind you, we have several trail-blazers in our family that prove that the traditional rules don’t apply here! My brother was a grandfather at 35 and my mother a great-grandmother at around 55! At 84, she has more great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren than she can keep track of and her hair is still naturally blond, not grey!

If it is true that you are only as old as you feel, then the real problem lies in the fact that the idea of being called granddad, or any derivative thereof, makes me FEEL old! In a tongue in cheek message on Facebook to announce the news to our friends, Dorothy posed the question whether grandma or nanny sounded better. My immediate response was NEITHER! Not that I personally ever doubted it, but this was further proof of the differences between the sexes. Dorothy rightfully sees the title of grandmother as something to look forward to and be proud of. My personal history, however, leads me to have a different view of relationship labels.

The standard viewpoint seems to be that calling people by a specific name or title infers deference or respect. In some cases, this is undoubtedly true. However, I am of the firm belief that age, social standing or birthright do not, per se, accord any special status until it is earned through word or deed. Many would maintain that I should respect my father simply because he IS my father. Why should I accord respect to someone who abandoned his wife and five children after having dragged them through the ignominy of bankruptcy proceedings on multiple occasions. My mother, on the other hand, for whom I have the utmost respect because she earned it day after day, preferred that I call her by her given name of Daphne, something I have done since my early teen years.

The common use of the terms ‘uncle’ and ‘aunt’ to refer to an adult that is a friend of the family is another custom that I find to be both awkward, misleading and occasionally embarassing. It is totally unnecessary, in my view, to use these misnomers to represent or misrepresent the status of a given individual.

So, you can perhaps begin to see why I am more than a little troubled by the term grandfather or any derivative thereof. When I looked in the ‘Freethaurus’ I soon saw that I had good reason to be wary of the word.:

Main Entry: grandfather
Father Time, Methuselah, Nestor, Old Paar, centenarian, dotard, elder, gaffer, geezer, golden-ager, grampa, gramps, grandpa, grandsire, graybeard, great-grandfather, nonagenarian, octogenarian, old-timer, old chap, old codger, old dog, old duffer, old geezer, old gent, old gentleman, old man, old party, older, oldster, pantaloon, patriarch, presbyter, senior citizen, septuagenarian, sexagenarian, the quiet-voiced elders, venerable sir, veteran

Now, I happen to believe that this might be overdoing things a little, but you can see that the main thrust of the word is derived from the idea that a grandfather is old.

There was a time, when our children were quite young, about 5 and 3 respectively, that they started to address my wife and I by our christian names. I believe this came about because my wife, Dorothy, ran an in-home daycare and they heard all the other kids calling us Roy & Dorothy and simply followed suit. I had no objection to this and, in fact, may even have tacitly encouraged it. Other adults were affronted and tried to convince us to forestall the habit. Eventually, they simply desisted of their own volition and made up nicknames instead(eg. Foutron, Pappers etc.)

As you can tell, I have given this subject considerable thought. If I am to have my druthers, which I sincerely doubt, I would opt for the name ‘pop’. This would be because this is what we called my own maternal grandfather, one Horace Hawkins, for whom I had the utmost respect. Although he was by no means a wealthy man, it was he who bought back our clothes and other bare necessities each time my father sank another business. His motto was: ‘I will lend you nothing. If I can afford to lend it I can afford to give it!’ I only hope that my grandchildren will have the same happy memories of me that I have of him. In any event, in the end, it is my grandchildren themselves who will decide what they call me whether I like it or not….