Roy wallace - WebmasterWelcome to our newest site! It is the culmination of almost 13 years of Internet presence in many different guises. At our zenith, when we were frantically trying to eke out a full-time living via Internet Marketing, we had a network of a dozen or more sites located on various servers across North America. Below, you will find a little of the history behind this site. Be sure to visit our sister site: JustRW, Canada’s Un-Chef for something completely different 😉 For more detailed background information check here.



W3Junkie LogoW3Junkie is the latest light-hearted addition to our network of sites. Nobody better qualifies for the position of Internet Junkie than ourselves. We owned our first computer in 1980 and set up our first website in 1996. Most hours of the day we can be found seated at either of two desktop computers or on the go with either our tablet notebook or netbook. Never without an Internet connection, our trusty Blackberry takes over should we happen to get separated from our normal hardware. 😉

w3junkie.com is all about photography, philosophy and prose.

Photography has been a passion of mine for many years and although I do not claim to be a professional, I have learned a great deal about what separates a snapshot from a piece of art. I will admit that I more often produce the former rather than the latter. Even so, snapshots come in both good and bad varieties. We are not all given to shoot masterpieces but we can all strive to improve our photographic skills and make our efforts more interesting for our viewers.

Philosophy is perhaps a little harder to explain. Over the last few years I have taken to putting my thoughts in print (or online). This has mainly been in order for me to better formulate my own outlook on life. As I approach my seventh decade, I realise that my life experience and non-standard viewpoint on many aspects of our existence puts me at odds with the majority of religious, political and ethical accepted norms. I am not claiming to have any radically new thought processes, I have simply travelled a pathway in life that has led me to different conclusions than the majority. If, by chance, this site and its content serves to make even a single individual experience a new insight or to open their mind to some small degree, then I will consider it a success.

Prose is simply the written word and over the last couple of decades, I have produced a great deal of it, both on-line and off. Over the next few months or years, if you keep in touch with this site, you will see much of it show up here!

JustRW - Phoenix LogoWhy JustRW? To explain this moniker, we need to give you a little history. Our original commercial venture was ReWard Specialty Sales, founded in Ottawa circa 1980 as a Direct Marketing company selling consumer products. In 1991, we relocated to St. Catherines to purchase a Tupperware distributorship. ReWard Specialty Sales morphed to become Just ReWard Limited which grew to service over 450 consultants. In 1996, after moving back to Ottawa, we sold our business and Just ReWard became JustRW ie. just me. It was starting in 1996 that I opened my first hosting account. I have operated various Internet businesses since that time. Even before I purchased the domain names: justrw.net and justrw.com, I was already using the name JustRW. the inspiration for the phoenix logo came from the fact that at many turning points in my career, I have had to re-invent myself and rise from the ashes!

Unchef Logo

The UnChef came into being in 1999 when I wrote and privately published a cookbook destined for family and friends. It was based on my belief that you don’t need fancy recipes or Cordon Bleu training to cook appetising and wholesome food. I only produced 50 copies about half of which I subsequently sold through my website, since I apparently did not have even 50 family and/or friends! 😉 Since I only have a single remaining copy, I am currently in the process of revising and updating this book and will soon republish in both digital and hardcover versions. If you subscribe to our RSS feeds (see top left hand corner of this page) or follow us on twitter (w3junkie), you will know as soon as either version is ready. We expect the digital (pdf) version to be ready around April 15th.

Wallace Business Group Logo

Wallace Business Group Inc.was founded 1996 and incorporated in 1998 once our Internet dabblings changed from a hobby to a serious commercial venture. It also served as a vehicle for our business consulting activities most of which were located in the North Eastern United States. Although throughout my career I have ventured into many different types of business activities, small business consulting is where I have devoted the lion’s share (see logo) of my time and effort since 1999.



AIM Logo


The AIM Group, Inc. is the company with which Wallace Business Group has worked together with over the last decade. As well as being the sole Canadian representative of this entity, we have been actively involved with many of its U.S. operations. Although starting out as a relatively traditional small business consulting firm, The AIM Group has grown to specialize in executive mentoring, acquisitions and assisting with and preparing for sourcing funding. You can get full details of this company at the following link.


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