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Monsoon Telugu Movie Download Dvdrip Torrent: A Complete Guide for Movie Lovers

If you are a fan of Telugu cinema and love watching romantic dramas set in the rainy season, then you might be interested in downloading Monsoon Telugu Movie, a remake of the critically-acclaimed C/o Kancharapalem. Monsoon Telugu Movie is a slice-of-life anthology that tells four unconventional love stories with a backdrop of caste, religion, class and gender identity. The film stars Dhananjaya, Rachita Ram, Yasha Shivakumar, Suhasini Manirathnam and Achyut Kumar in the lead roles.

Monsoon Telugu Movie was released in theatres on September 16, 2022 and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film was praised for its realistic portrayal of love and life in a coastal town, its melodious music and its stellar performances by the cast. However, if you missed watching the film on the big screen or want to watch it again at your convenience, then you might be wondering how to download Monsoon Telugu Movie in Dvdrip quality using torrent.

Torrent is a popular method of downloading movies and other content from the internet. It involves using a peer-to-peer network that allows users to share files with each other without any central server. To download Monsoon Telugu Movie using torrent, you will need a torrent client software such as BitTorrent or uTorrent, a torrent file or magnet link of the movie and a stable internet connection.

How to Download Monsoon Telugu Movie Using Torrent

Here are the steps to download Monsoon Telugu Movie using torrent:

  1. Download and install a torrent client software such as BitTorrent or uTorrent on your device.
  2. Search for Monsoon Telugu Movie Dvdrip Torrent on any torrent website such as The Pirate Bay, 1337x, RARBG or YTS. You can also use a torrent search engine such as Torrentz2 or to find the movie.
  3. Select the torrent file or magnet link of the movie that has the highest number of seeders and leechers. Seeders are users who have the complete file and are sharing it with others. Leechers are users who are downloading the file from seeders. The higher the number of seeders and leechers, the faster the download speed.
  4. Open the torrent file or magnet link with your torrent client software. It will start downloading the movie to your device.
  5. Wait for the download to complete. It may take some time depending on your internet speed and the size of the file.
  6. Once the download is complete, you can watch Monsoon Telugu Movie on your device using any media player that supports Dvdrip format.

Note: Downloading movies using torrent may be illegal in some countries. Please check your local laws before downloading any content from torrent websites. Also, be careful of malware and viruses that may infect your device while downloading files from unknown sources.

Why You Should Watch Monsoon Telugu Movie

Monsoon Telugu Movie is not just a regular romantic drama, but a film that explores the various facets of love and life in a realistic and engaging manner. The film is based on the Telugu anthology C/o Kancharapalem, which was directed by debutant Venkatesh Maha and received critical acclaim and awards for its original and refreshing storytelling. Monsoon Telugu Movie is a faithful remake of the original, with some minor changes to suit the Kannada audience and culture.

The film showcases four different love stories that span across different age groups, social backgrounds and time periods. Each story has its own charm and challenges, and the film does not shy away from addressing the issues of caste, religion, class and gender identity that often come in the way of true love. The film also depicts the beauty and diversity of the coastal town of Gokarna, where the film is set, and its rain-soaked atmosphere adds to the mood and emotions of the characters.

Monsoon Telugu Movie boasts of a talented cast that delivers stellar performances. Dhananjaya plays Katte, a lower-caste man who falls in love with Asma, a Muslim girl played by Rachita Ram. Their chemistry is palpable and their love story is heart-wrenching. Yasha Shivakumar plays Raga Sudha, a Brahmin girl who falls for Joseph, a Christian boy played by Shivank. Their teenage romance is innocent and sweet. Suhasini Manirathnam plays Hasini, a widowed woman who develops a friendship with Raju, an attender in her office played by Achyuth Kumar. Their mature love is subtle and graceful. Nihal and Sinchana play Sundara and Suchitra, two school kids who have a crush on each other. Their childhood love is cute and adorable.

The film also has a soulful music composed by Anoop Seelin, who has given some melodious songs that suit the theme and mood of the film. The cinematography by SK Rao captures the scenic beauty of Gokarna and its surroundings. The dialogues by Guru Kashyap are witty and meaningful. The direction by Ravindranath is commendable as he has retained the essence of the original film while making it appealing to the Kannada audience.

Monsoon Telugu Movie Review

Monsoon Telugu Movie is a film that will touch your heart and make you think about love and life. The film has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike for its realistic and engaging portrayal of love stories. Here are some of the reviews from various sources:

  • “‘Monsoon Raaga’ review: Intense love notes with a soulful climax – The New Indian Express” – The New Indian Express gave 3.5 stars out of 5 to the film and praised it for its beautiful storytelling, surprise elements and sweet climax. The review also appreciated the performances by the cast and the music by Anoop Seelin.
  • “PushpaTelugu Movie Review By Sudhish Payyanur @monsoon-media – YouTube” – Monsoon Media gave 4 stars out of 5 to the film and called it a moving tale that explores the concept of love when religion, caste, age, and gender insensitivity come in between human relations. The review also lauded the direction by Ravindranath and the cinematography by SK Rao.
  • “Bimbisara Telugu Movie Review By Sudhish Payyanur @Monsoon Media – YouTube” – Monsoon Media gave 3 stars out of 5 to the film and said that it is a faithful remake of C/o Kancharapalem with some minor changes. The review also liked the performances by Dhananjaya, Rachita Ram, Yasha Shivakumar and Suhasini Manirathnam.


Monsoon Telugu Movie is a film that celebrates love in all its forms and stages. It is a film that will make you laugh, cry, and think about the meaning of love and life. It is a film that has been made with sincerity and passion by the makers and the actors. It is a film that deserves to be watched by everyone who loves cinema and romance. If you want to watch Monsoon Telugu Movie online, then you can download it in Dvdrip quality using torrent by following the steps mentioned above. However, please be aware of the legal and ethical implications of downloading movies from torrent websites and do it at your own risk.!NEW!


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