2011 L Onore Perduto Di Katharina Blum Pdf

2011 L Onore Perduto Di Katharina Blum Pdf

2011 L Onore Perduto Di Katharina Blum PdfDOWNLOAD


2011 L Onore Perduto Di Katharina Blum Pdf

Ttges e Katharina move in opposite directions. He investigates her background, trying to identify the friends and relatives of those who died in prison. He writes her moving love letters, trying to persuade her to turn herself in. Katharina, however, refuses to have any involvement in the affair, and instead talks in letters to her friends, who advise her to turn herself in, but she refuses to listen.

In July 2004, the German magazine Der Spiegel decided to write a story about her, and Ttges agreed to cooperate voluntarily. At the same time, however, the German Communist Party responded by initiating a campaign in the German public media to discredit her as a “Fugsberaterin” (“provocateur”) and “fellow traveller”.

Katharina is arrested on August 10, 2004. In her apartment, the police find Gtten’s address book and the pistol that she used to kill Ttges. She remains in custody from 11 August until 12 November 2006, when she is released on conditional release with restrictions, e.g. not to travel outside Rhne-Neckar-Kreis (Red-Neckar Area) (RNNK), a region of Germany where the activist group RAF has had some influence.

In the episode Wingen, Emscherhain and Lüdenscheid, where Katharina reportedly shot Ttges in the back of the head with only a few hours between the murder and the arrest, the police in Emscherhain heard an hour later by a mere telephone call from the diner where the murder took place that it was actually Katharina who shot him. The mere telephone call, which in the normal case cannot be traced, made Ttges glimpke.

Bll nato a Colonia da una famiglia cattolica, pacifista e progressista, figlio di Viktor Bll, scultore e maestro ebanista specializzato in falegnameria da chiesa, che alla nascita di Heinrich era, in questo anno di peggiore carestia della prima guerra mondiale, in servizio su un Il ponte sul Reno, maledicendo l’imperatore, e Maria Bll, la sua seconda moglie dopo la morte di Katharina all’et di 31 anni. Heinrich era l’ottavo figlio e il terzo figlio della famiglia Bll.




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