Neplan 543

Neplan 543

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Neplan 543

Neplan is an integrated infrastructure for the simulation and control of power systems. NEPLAN consists of tools and modules for the representation and simulation of power systems and for the simulation and control of these power systems. We provide tools for the fast development and easy use of new applications and control strategies. NEPLAN is distributed within the network research community. All NEPLAN software is released under a GNU GPL license. Please contact the NEPLAN team by contacting:

Include us! To get non-commercial usage rights to NEPLANSynchrokode. The NEPLAN team will for a small fee-for-work give you somediscount. All you have to do is to contact the NEPLAN team.

Wire connect to signal blocks in theneighboring rows or columnsOf these wire connection signalscan be used to display or report on signals or variables whichflow along the current connections. Thus it is possible to displayor report on the variable current flowing in linear resistances orcurrents flowing through the RIEZ. On the otherare not possible to case that the current flows through a RIEZ, etc.

If the regulator which you select is not in the NEPLAN StandardLibrary, thenyou have to create the DLL model with a NEPLAN componentmodeling tool. If the regulator is used many times in the network,you should build the DLL model with connected function blocks orwith the CCT library in MATLAB. The CCT library helps you withthat and the model structure is identical to the model, which youwould create with the NEPLAN component modeling tool. Generally it iseasier and faster to enter the regulator model with the CCT devicemodeling tool (e.g. NEPLAN component modeling tool).


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