Alien Dalvik 2.0 [TOP] 🔆

Alien Dalvik 2.0 [TOP] 🔆

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logs and other error messages)


And after that, in the file, it says:

‘Can’t perform this action after onSaveInstanceState’ on the line:


Note that it seems to be pointing on the titleText.setText(data.getTitle()); line, because, for some reason, it gets a message when it executes it.
And I’ve checked all the files in the Compiler tab, and they look OK.
So what’s the problem here? And how can I solve it?


Make sure you have set up your activities properly. Check your androidmanifest file as it states


I would also recommend checking your manifest file, it will say that it’s singleInstance.


I had the same problem. The solution for me was:

As @PanagiotisKanellopoulos pointed out, you should also set this:


First check the activity definition in your AndroidManifest.xml file. In the activity definition you have the attribute android:name. You have two identical attributes with the same name in the layout, make sure you only have one of them.
It works for me.


Sorting in sql server 2008

My table name is kp..
I want to sort on the basis of Time_Stamp and Status
I have used the following query
select Time_Stamp,Status from kp order by status asc,time_stamp asc

But this query doesnt show the result in ascending order by time stamp and status but in random order.
How to do this?


You need to add ASC after each field (order by has no effect at all):
order by status asc, time_stamp asc

If you want to group by some column, you can use GROUP BY:
select status, Time_Stamp
from kp
group by status, Time_Stamp
order by status asc, time_stamp asc

However, there is no need to use this approach when ORDER BY is sufficient.

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