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Download Akon Konvicted Deluxe Edition 2007 Torrent KickassTorrents LINK 📁


Download Akon Konvicted Deluxe Edition 2007 Torrent KickassTorrents

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End –
The goal of his efforts was not only to amass a fortune but also to become the world’s richest man, and in so doing set a new goal for himself, a far more ambitious one: to conquer time. He accomplished this by creating an empire that at its peak, held a huge share of global telecommunications infrastructure, financial services, newspapers and book publishing. All of these businesses were connected to Akon. He owned it all, and then he began to dismantle it. Everything he owned was put up for sale, the purpose being to generate cash and the final goal: global domination. RISE OF AN EMPIRE
The first business to fall was the Mobutu Kingdom. Dictator of the Congo in the 1970s and ’80s, Mobutu controlled over a quarter of the continent’s land and was Africa’s biggest diamond and coltan supplier. In 1992, the price of diamond increased drastically, and Mobutu’s government became flooded with millions of dollars. Akon was also in the diamond business, and after hearing about the rise in price, he came to a conclusion: if the government was drowning in diamonds, he would make sure they did not end up with just one stone.

The second major fall was the banking system. He started with his own record label and soon began to build a business empire with all kinds of companies, most of which were in the financial industry, like Akon Target. Akon Target was a company that provided low-cost credit to businessmen who were not able to get credit from traditional lenders. It was renamed One Equity and was sold to a company called Corel Corp in 1998. The third business Akon invested in was a department store chain called Soufrière.

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In the documentary, two-time Academy Award winner Robert Redford, investigative journalist Chris Hansen and

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