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If you feel the classic Notepad offered by Windows is boring and lifeless, then you should try Notepad S#, a text editor that is simple and has style at the same time. This simple, yet stylish app redefines the classic understanding we have about the Notepad text editor. It is simple but has many added features as well.
You can bold text and highlight it too
The added features are not as important, especially if you have the Office suite, but what if you do not, or better yet, what if you don't have the time to install it? Then, you could keep Notepad S# on your thumb drive as a backup plan for all situations that might go bad.
Once unpacked the program does not take any space at all, especially by today's new storage standards. You can change the font of the text and size, as you would expect, but you can also bold text and highlight it. It's not revolutionary options you get with this app, but, then again, that was probably not what you expected in the first place.
It has pretty nice themes
The most interesting features, at least if you want to seem a little bit cooler, are the included themes, amongst which most specifically the hacker theme. This theme is basically green writing on a black background, and it sort of brings the hacker, highly skilled PC man feeling to light. Open it up next to someone and see how they react, especially if you make it look like you're hacking the subway or the bus etc.
Notepad S# is an application that most would dismiss as being useless. It is, in fact, Windows Notepad with a few upgrades. Those upgrades, however, are the ones that make it worth at least carrying on a stick as a backup plan.







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Notepad S

What’s New in the?

Notepad S# is a Notepad replacement that's a tad different from the original Notepad. The app gets you into a pretty surprising application, a simple and stylish text editor with added features, specifically font and theme customization. And all of it is more like a regular Notepad, that is, it has no effects of anything else, unless you want to take it further, for example, with the included themes. It can be set on a USB thumb drive.
Notepad S# Screenshots:

Notepad S# is a text editor that will make you like Windows Notepad. I mean, it's pretty good as Notepad, but it has more features that the original. It's simple to use and it's not difficult to set up. Even if it is not as powerful as its successor, you can always use it to create simple text files and then transfer it to your computer.
Here is a list of the features you will find in Notepad S#:
* Add or remove lines
* Different font types
* Paste from Clipboard
* It doesn't care about those new lines and tabs
* Change the font and size
* Change the background color
* You can add a password if you want
* Change the time and date
* There is a “hack” theme
* It supports Office 97 through 2003
* It can be set on a USB thumb drive
* It is lightweight, less than 1 MB
That pretty much sums up Notepad S#. It is indeed a good text editor and it is a Notepad replacement that will help you in a variety of different situations, not just within the confines of a regular Windows environment.
It might not be as stylish as Notepad 2002, but it is still a text editor that is easy to use. Plus, it comes with a great amount of added features.

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