Our 3rd Annual Trip to Polarfest 2017 in Selwyn, Bridgenorth, Ennismore & Lakefield

Dorothy & I with our Polarfest HostsAlthough it is not yet ready to challenge Ottawa’s Winterlude or Winter Carnival in Quebec city, Selwyn’s Polarfest is growing and improving each year. Once again, this year, we were fortunate enough to be invited back by David and Judith, our gracious hosts, to check it out.

Our first stop was at the annual sleighride which is held at the Ennismore Community Centre.

Hardworking HorsesOur next stop was at the ice sculptures in Heritage Park in Bridgenorth where, last year, the mild weather almost melted everything away. This year, however, the climate was much more amenable. We learned that the opaque sculptures were made with ice cut from the lake, whereas the clear ones were hewn from manmade ice blocks.Bridgenorth makes a contribution to Canada's SesquicentennialIce Sculptor at WorkAn Ice Sculpted InukshukColoured ice-blocks





Every year when we come for the sculptures, we also drop by our local favourite store Garden Style. As you will note from the picture below they have a fantastic selection of unique items to spice up your home and/or garden

Garden Style

A cute store on Ward Street in Bridgenorth

As mentioned above, Polarfest is a collaboration of several local communities and the main location for the ice sculptures is in Lakefield.

A long and straight road

Lakefield is a short hop from Bridgenorth

Polarfest Ice Sculptures in Lakefield

One of the outstanding ice sculptures in Lakefield

Apart from the events of Polarfest, this area of Ontario has a lot to offer in any season. Below is a sample of what is to be found in and around Ennismore:

An idyllic snowscene

The beauty of winter is all around us.

Burning Houses

The setting sun makes houses across the lake appear on fire!

The grand finale of the weekend is the Polar Plunge which takes place on Sunday afternoon at the end of the causeway in Ennismore. Much as I would have liked to participate, I felt a duty to keep Dorothy company 😉

Polar Plunge at Bridgenorth

Getting Ready for an Icy Dip

Polar Plunge

You can view ALL of the pictures from this great weekend below:

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