The gift of Scotch can be so much more than a bottle of Whisky!

Scotch Whisky and more especially Single Malt Scotch has become extremely popular lately. I myself only recently discovered the delights of the Scottish elixir. I used to think that Johnny Walker Black was as good as it gets but have come to realize that there is a whole world beyond the traditional blended whiskies.

If there is a Scotch Whisky lover that you want to buy the perfect gift for, then we have got some great suggestions for you that have been personally selected by a self-professed aficionado:

Glenkinchie 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch WhiskyOf course, the most obvious gift is to actually give a bottle of the Scottish liquid gold itself. However, this might not be as easy as it sounds unless you know your prospective recipient’s proclivities where Scotch is concerned and you yourself are somewhat of an expert on the topic as well. Pictured here is one of my personal favourites and which I did receive as a Christmas gift this year because I specifically requested it. It is a Single Malt from a distillery in the lowland district very close to Edinburgh and has a light and fruity taste. I first tasted this particular Scotch at the Whisky Experience on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and immediately fell in love with it. However, it would likely not be everyone’s first choice!

Of course, you would not usually send a gift of Scotch in the mail and in many, if not most, jurisdictions, you can not have liquor delivered from an online merchant, so perhaps you are looking for something different for your Scotch lover (not Scottish lover)  🙂



The World Atlas of Whisky

The World Atlas of Whisky by Dave Broom

Dave Broom’s World Atlas of Scotch Whisky was another item that we put on our wishlist. There is a dizzying array of self-professed Scotch ‘Bibles’ available online but after a little research we settled on this one! So far, it did not disappoint and it makes a great ‘coffee table’ book! If you want to see some more just enter ‘Whisky Book’ into the Amazon search box in the sidebar and you will be directed to your local Amazon site with all the potential books on display!

Terroforma Whisky Stones

Put a chill in your whisky without diluting the dram of your dreams!

Although you might not want to get stoned drinking your Single Malt, these whisky stones might be just what you need to cool your favourite brew to ‘room temperature without diluting it. I was given this particular set as a Christmas gift this year and have already used them several times. Once again, putting whisky stones in our search box will show you the entire array of product available…



Scotch Whisky Glasses

This was certainly one of the more individual gifts that I received this holiday season and one that shows that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a unique gift. Of course it is probably only appropriate when the giftee has a Scottish handle with a specific clan tartan as is my case. These particular glasses came from the Scottish and Irish Store Ottawa. They are not specifically Scotch glasses but rather for cocktails and hi-balls but I don’t think even the most abstemious Scotch drinker would complain if you served a goodly portion of his or her favourite Single Malt in them. If you are local to Ottawa, you might want to check out these stores since they have much to offer to lovers of Scotland.

Glencairn Whisky Glasses

Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glass (Set of 6)If you want to offer something different and unique but can’t find the Clan glasses featured above you might want to consider these authentic crystal goblets which are identical to those used at the Scotch Whisky Experience on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. Indeed, we brought a couple of them home from our last trip because when you visit that locale and participate in the Scotch tasting, you are given the glass as a keepsake. I must say that it greatly enhances the enjoyment of tippling a wee dram! Of course there are many other styles available by using the Amazon search bar on the left.



Scotch Whisky Accessories

Scotch Whisky DecanterIf we still haven’t tickled your fancy then perhaps you should take a look at the entire range of other accessories by using the link above or searching on the Amazon site. Whatever you choose, we are sure that your gift will be well received!