Facebook: Where the rednecks go and grammar and spelling are optional?

Today, I had just finished reading about privacy concerns regarding FB’s policy towards sharing personal information across different partner sites when I stumbled upon this gem of a conversation. I am not happy to report that it involves some of my own family. Obviously, privacy is not uppermost in the minds of the individuals in this little exchange!

Julie Foster: u make me sick…hope ur bofriend knows how fcking close u 2 are!!!!!!!!!!!
Dennis White: i think i no wat u mean lol i had a gd old nosy listen wen i was next to u waitin on the road lol and silas and christie are def doin stuff its bit ov and he knows she has a bf well dne smart thinkin lol hope your ok anyway and had a good night
Dick ‘Zohan’ Sutton: haha didnt take u to long either son 😉
Julie Foster: yeh n shes a m8 of mine on here so she cun c wot u put lol.so i hpe that aint the case !
Dick ‘Zohan’ Sutton: well 2bh if she is i hope she can see it coz she needs to sort it out!
Dennis White: i dont care she aint mates wiv me so i dont give a shit lol
Julie Foster: ther fckng cousinz! i hpe nufnks goin on.i hav a son wiv hm.i saw them walkng hme2getha!drove past them in the taxi.i doubt it.but i do wounder.i txt hm askng hm lol e dint answer.mayb ther jus bein family?
Dennis White: yer maybe they like to jeep it in family bit of insest maybe thats wat there family are like rathem them than me haha
Dick ‘Zohan’ Sutton: u no what they sat, insest is best, a game the whole family can play lmaoo… thats just sickkk!! lol
Dennis White: yer that is sick and trust you to come out wiv it u sick twat !!
Dick ‘Zohan’ Sutton: oi dont be gettin lairy u dirty inbred 😉 haha
Dennis White: haha inbread that aint me thats them shaggin and there cusons how nice for them there parents must be proud haha x
Julie Foster: wot gav u guys da idea i waz on bout them 2 anyways?
Dennis White: so are we but deans being a prat lol
Dick ‘Zohan’ Sutton: im justt having a laugh lol i just got the idea from you 2 lol
Dennis White: such a dick haha
Julie Foster: ur aligations cld cause a masive fckd up situatn 4me u shldnt say sht unles ur sure!
Dick ‘Zohan’ Sutton: well if u get any shit from it just send them to me lol or us! as its our alligations 🙂
Chloe Lehman: i agree julie … people should watch what they chat about!!!!!
Tiny ??? ??? Foster: well said jules ,come on guys dont go to far i no u all pissed up.
Julie Foster: woteva given up now!just hpe people thnk of the consiquences of ther actionz!

Unlike the individuals involved, I did take the trouble to mask the names. However, it won’t be too hard for any ‘friends’ to figure out who’s who. Spelling and language like this is almost like a fingerprint. Although someone did finally have the good sense to erase the original message and comments, the damage was done. I, for one, had already made a copy of it! Once you have put something like this out on the Internet, you can never take it back…. 
To me, this drunken outburst highlights three things that are sadly amiss, not just in the UK where the individuals reside but in our ‘wired’ world in general.

  1. People feel somehow that they can say whatever they want online with total impunity. I somehow doubt that this drivel would have even surfaced in a face-to-face situation. And if it had, it would have at least been limited to those within earshot. It probably would have ended in a drunken brawl too!
  2. Facebook gives the impression that teens and twenty-somethings spend their entire lives either drinking or thinking/texting/typing about it. Two days to drink (mostly the week-end) and five to talk about it and long for the next binge. Somehow, not my idea of an idyllic existence!
  3. Correct spelling and grammar are going the way of the dinosaur. Personally, I feel like I need to go back to school to learn this new language. The thing is, I personally find this pigeon English much harder work to decipher. Although many don’t want to believe it, punctuation, spelling and grammar are there to facilitate communication. I have to read some of these messages several times before I can determine exactly what is being said. It is akin to the writer speaking with a mouth full of marbles.

And this is our future talking. Then again, I suppose one never had to know how to spell incest to accuse someone else of it!

With ‘m8s’ like this, who needs enemies?

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