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Our 3rd Annual Trip to Polarfest 2017 in Selwyn, Bridgenorth, Ennismore & Lakefield

Burning Houses

Although it is not yet ready to challenge Ottawa’s Winterlude or Winter Carnival in Quebec city, Selwyn’s Polarfest is growing and improving each year. Once again, this year, we were fortunate enough to be invited back by David and Judith, our gracious hosts, to check it out. Our first stop was at the annual sleighride …

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Travel Photo Journal: Wittdün auf Amrum, Germany

The Village of Wittdün the main settlement of the island Amrum

I first visited Amrum in 1972 as a teenaged student and was immediately captivated by its unique nature. Since I was there working for the summer in the youth hostel, I got to know the island and its idiosyncrasies very well. I have since revisited a couple of times, most recently in 2003 when these …

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England Travelogue – Final Effing around Sussex, Food, Family, Flowers?

And so our UK holiday was drawing to a close. For our last few days we decided to stay close to home and spend time with the family. Of course, there was last-minute shopping to do to fill those remaining nooks and crannies in our luggage. We had been sure that since we had brought over …

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England Travelogue – Day 6&7, Somerset & Hants

[ad#CJ] On day 6 of our England sojourn, we had to get up at an ungodly hour in order to get Christa & Mik, our daughter and son-in-law to Gatwick airport in time for their respective flights. I don’t recall the exact times because my mind tends to block out such unpleasant memories. I do …

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England Travelogue – Days 4&5, Seven Sisters & More!

After the revels of John’s birthday party on the Saturday, it was a pretty sure bet that the Sunday would be a slower day. The only set event was a family barbecue to be hosted by my brother Les and his wife Chrissy on the site where their camper van was currently located not far …

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England Travelogue – Day 3 Eastbourne, The Main Event

People had come from far and wide to pay their respects to John Tanner, who was about to celebrate his 80th birthday. For the Canadian contingent (Myself, Dorothy, Christa (in exile in France) and Mik (Canadian by association), the day got off to a leisurely start. Although we were quite ready, willing and able to …

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England Travelogue – Day 2 High Rocks – Tunbridge Wells

When we awoke on the second day of our England adventure, the only member of the household there to greet us was floppy, the bunny. As I mentioned in our previous post, both my brother and his wife work long hours and had left the house a couple of hours before Dorothy and I even …

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Off the beaten track in England: A travelogue

When many people think of a trip to England, images of Clark Griswold driving around Marble Arch extolling the virtues of Big Ben comes to mind. Indeed, perhaps in the minds of many, London equates to England. If you decide to follow us on our recent trip to Old Blighty, you will see another side …

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